Thanks for stopping by! I’m Constance, and I’m a writer, editor, and avid Victorianist. I am deeply in love with the English language and with telling passionate, evocative stories that leave the reader changed. I’m proud to say I’m currently an editor at Three Rooms Press, a fiercely independent literary publisher in New York.

I’ve prepared more than seventy-five titles for publication at both Three Rooms Press and Skyhorse Publishing. My specialty is fiction, particularly literary fiction, and I’ve worked with YA, fantasy, thrillers, historical fiction, speculative fiction, military history, short stories, etc. I have also edited memoirs, crafting books, cookbooks, exercise guides, self-help, works in translation, and more. 

As a freelancer, I help writers prepare their works in order to query agents and publishers, as well as for self-publishing platforms. I have also written and edited website copy, cover copy, bios, articles, and more.  Read more about what to expect from an editor here, or discover some of my tips for a successful manuscript submission here

I've written and published many short stories, poems, and nonfiction articles, and I hope to keep expanding this list and finding new readers. I enjoy exploring a variety of genres and styles, though my fiction pieces are consistently voice heavy and character driven. I'm also completing my first novel, a take on the nineteenth-century governess novel. I lead a small, bi-monthly workshop of New York-based writers looking to get feedback on their short stories, poetry, and novels, and have read my work in such venues as Cornelia Street Cafe, KGB Bar, and the New York City Poetry Festival on Governor's Island. I am currently pursuing an MFA in Fiction at Pacific University.

An avid Victorianist, my passion is for mid-Victorian literature, particularly the novels of Brontë sisters—Charlotte, Emily, and Anne. At the Lancaster Literary Guild and Franklin & Marshall College, I researched, designed, and curated two exhibits on the lives and artwork of the Brontës. There's little that makes me happier than analyzing the themes at work in Dickens or Gaskell, or the intertextuality of works not only of that era, but before and since. In 2012, new to New York City and craving something familiar, I began volunteering at the Merchant’s House Museum—Manhattan’s secret look into the nineteenth century. In addition to helping to plan and run special events and ghost tours, and playing the role of Gertrude Tredwell, I do the majority of the graphic design for their marketing campaigns. In 2015, I launched a summer open mic series at the House, to celebrate today's new writers, comics, musicians, performers, etc. For a full list of dates, visit the Merchant's House website