As a graphic designer, I am looking for fun and visually creative projects. I have designed covers for the book publishing industry; event posters for the Merchant's House Museum, the Hudson Valley Writers Center, and Franklin & Marshall College; interior layout for literary journals and booklets; as well as exhibit descriptions, advertising materials, postcards, and more.  Please take a look through the designs on the site; I'm happy to provide additional samples upon request.

If my work matches your aesthetic, simply provide me with any text or images you'd like the design to feature. We can discuss design specifications and your requirements over the phone or via email. I'll send you drafts of the design for your review, and can provide PDFs or the design files for your use as needed. 

Designs offered (if you don't see your type of project listed, let's discuss!):

-    Bookmarks

-    Business cards

-    Flyers and posters 

-      Postcards

-      Logo design

-    Book layout for self-published authors

-    Journal layout for art & literary journals