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Three Rooms Press is a fierce New York-based independent publisher inspired by dada, punk, and passion. Founded in 1993, our motto is cut-the-edge creative, and we're proud to publish fiction, memoir, poetry, translations, drama, and art. In addition, Three Rooms Press produces and promotes a variety of literary and cultural events in New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and more, including readings, plays, workshops, and concerts. 

I have been a part of Three Rooms Press since June of 2014, serving as editor, writer, and creative consultant. I primarily acquire and edit fiction. My preference is for literary, voice-heavy stories with unforgettable characters and plots that shake the reader. That cause us to feel and think, and then, perhaps, create. I'm especially seeking extraordinary female voices (protagonists, authors, etc.), 

As we write on our website: 

Fiction: Think contemporary. Urban. Satire. Absurd. Historical that astonishes. Think detective/crime/gangster with a modern twist. Think transhumanism with humor and heart. Think powerful. Think interesting. Think utterly compelling and unique.

Nonfiction: Memoir. Biography. Phenomenal people. Extraordinary places. Creative history. Unconventional insight into modern life, music, food, money, business, trends. The kind of book you can’t put down.

If you would like to submit a manuscript for my consideration, you're welcome to email me at constance.renfrow [at] threeroomspress [dot] com. You can also check out my #MSWL page and discover some of my tips for successful book submissions here and here

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