Thanks for stopping by! I’m Constance, and I’m a writer, editor, deeply in love with language and story, and believe in these as powerful forces for change.

I’m proud to say that for three years, I served as lead editor at New York’s fiercely independent Three Rooms Press. At Three Rooms, I edited such titles as Meagan Brothers’s groundbreaking LGBT YA novel Weird Girl and What’s His Name, hailed by Foreword Reviews as “[having] all the makings to become a classic of this generation”; Johanna Drucker’s tremendous debut eco-fiction Downdrift, which “Rides the wave of the New Weird, combining elements of fantasy, horror, speculative, psychological, absurdist, and literary fiction. ... A work of tremendous ambition, strangeness, and most import, compassion” (Library Journal, starred review); and Eamon Loingsigh’s eloquent examination of the nineteenth-century Brooklyn Irish, Exile on Bridge Street (Langum Prize Shortlist). I also am a former columnist at DIY MFA, where I offered insight into the book publishing industry. Read more about what to expect from an editor here, or discover some of my tips for a successful manuscript submission here.

My first book, Songs of My Selfie: An Anthology of Millennial Stories was a 2016 IndieFab Finalist and received glowing reviews in such places as Rain Taxi, Portland Book Review, San Francisco Book Review, Bustle, and Buzzfeed, and my short stories have appeared in print and online at Litro, Red Earth Review, Mud Season Review, Two Cities Review, and elsewhere.

In 2015, I launched a summer open mic series at New York’s Merchant’s House Museum, to build community through the arts, and to celebrate our neighbors’ talents in writing, comedy, music, performance, etc. I have been proud to perform my work in such places as New York’s annual poetry festival on Governor’s Island, KGB Bar, Cornelia Street Café, and the Parkside Lounge. I recently received my MFA from Pacific University, where I had the honor of being mentored by Jack Driscoll, Willy Vlautin, Pete Fromm, and Steve Amick, and I am currently completing my first novel.

I’ve prepared approximately one hundred titles for publication at both Three Rooms Press and Skyhorse Publishing. As a freelance editor, I help writers prepare their works in order to query agents and publishers, as well as for self-publishing platforms. My specialty is fiction, particularly literary fiction, and I’ve worked with YA, fantasy, thrillers, historical fiction, speculative fiction, military history, short stories, etc. I have also edited memoirs, crafting books, cookbooks, exercise guides, self-help, works in translation, and more. I have also written and edited website copy, cover copy, bios, articles, query letters, and more.

I currently live in Charlotte, North Carolina, with my husband, two cats, and a German shepherd puppy. For the past year, I have served as an adjunct writing instructor at South Piedmont Community College.

If you’re interested in discussing a project, please send me an email, or fill out my contact form, or please visit my profile on Reedsy. I look forward to working with you!