My authors and clients have said . . . 

“Constance Renfrow is a hands-on editor in the best sense of the term. She really dove into my manuscript and helped me pinpoint and shore up the scenes that needed clarity. Every step of the way, I felt like Constance wanted just as much as I did to make my book the very best it could be without sacrificing the essence of the story. I only hope I have the opportunity to work with her again someday!”

—Meagan Brothers, Weird Girl and What’s His Name 

“It's easy to develop tunnel vision when working on a writing project. Rare is the editor who can not only see a project through the writer's eyes, but also through the reader's. Constance has this ability—my work improved so much thanks to her keen and insightful eye. She's hot shit.”

—Michael T. Fournier, Swing State  

“Constance is GREAT in every way: responsive, kind, clear, timely, flexible, and so so smart. Right from the start she was upfront about what services she would actually provide, was willing to work with me on finances, and was clear about the timing. She understood my project and hasn't yet suggested something that doesn't feel right to me. She got my voice and is helping me amplify it in the best ways, not change it. She's thorough, communicative, and seems not only practiced but passionate about editing and literature. I am impressed by her skill, smarts, and sensitivity, and would recommend her to anyone, for any reason. Constance is a wonderful editor.”

—Sophie Berti, Steeped

“Constance is an exceptional and brilliant editor. I had checked many samples on Reedsy before choosing to work with her on my second book, and I wasn't disappointed. She did a thorough copy edit, and I feel extremely lucky to have found her. Her suggestions were an elegant touch to my project, and she magically transformed my manuscript far beyond my expectations. She's very talented, and I highly recommend her.”

—Mia Tavor, Lupus Constellation: Walking in the Dark 

“Constance stood out from the start: where other editors who responded to my offer letter played games around pricing or were incomplete in their responses, she was thorough, professional, straightforward, and reliable from the beginning. At every stage, she communicated or responded promptly and completely. Her editorial work was exactly what I had dreamed it would be—sharp-eyed, honest, intelligent, creative. She is a reader sensitive to nuances and implications, who is also capable of seeing and rethinking a book at the larger, structural level. I strongly recommend her and hope to have the opportunity to work with her again.”

—Charlotte Bismuth, Outside Wire 

“I'm so happy I got the opportunity to collaborate with Constance. She was flexible regarding deadlines and finances, and her editorial letter and extensive notes were invaluable to me as a writer. I walked away feeling encouraged, yet challenged to become a better storyteller in the most positive way imaginable. Do not sleep on working with this amazing editor! Constance is worth EVERY PENNY!”

—Beck Medina, All the Stars on Fire

“Wow wow wow. Constance really exceeded my expectations. Her experience was the exact fit I was looking for to edit my novel and she did an extremely thorough job. She discovered flaws in my narrative that I just couldn't see because I had been staring at it for so long and needed a new set of eyes on it. Her edits were straightforward and she did not tread lightly—exactly what you want in an editor. She was even able to negotiate price to fit into my budget. I will definitely be seeking out Constance again in the future.”

—Whitney DiTaranto, White Knuckles  

“Constance did an excellent developmental review of my manuscript. It’s clear she put a lot of time and thought into understanding my project and choosing her advice. 

I knew I had structural problems in the first third of my book, but I could not see how to address them. Constance proposed at least a dozen creative, substantial changes to consider, most of which I would not have seen by myself. I’m very excited to begin work on my next draft. I was impressed that she understands the book enough to suggest structural changes that work; the book is tightly plotted, and I know too well that it’s hard to change parts without breaking it. 

She also provided extensive comments in the manuscript, more than I expected and very valuable, particularly the notes on POV and characters.

I would choose her as an editor again without hesitation. But be aware she does not gush effusive praise—she is positive and supportive, but the focus is on the improving the work. I had proposals from other editors whom I did not choose; some were so enthusiastic and complimentary about the writing sample I didn’t believe they would be a tough editor. Constance’s proposal was positive and professional, and that’s the style of her review also.”

—M. Verant, Power in an Age of Lies

“Constance is one of the finest professionals I have had the pleasure to work with through Reedsy. Prompt, professional, and always went the extra mile. Her recommendations have been excellent and she was willing to be flexible with my requests. I have every intention of working with Constance again in the future.” 

—Vincent Davis, The Man With Two Names 

“Constance was wonderful to work with! She made the experience of my first edit nearly painless. I could tell how much thought she put into each note and that was nice to see. You could tell that she was invested in helping me make the best version of my story. She was thorough and able to catch a lot of plot holes that I hadn't even considered. The suggestions she made were wonderful and had me itching to get started on the next draft of my story. I would definitely recommend Constance to anyone that may be looking for an editor. I know that I would love to have her help again in the future.”

—Gabrielle Jones, To Be Chosen

“She is extremely thorough and from her notes and corrections, you know she put her heart into your work. I was worried it wasn’t going to sound like me when the book came back, but when it came back, I was ecstatic. She just fine-tuned my work. My voice wasn’t lost, just amplified. She is the best!”

—Stella Bello, Loosing the String 

“I've loved working with Constance. She's thorough and honest without being too abrasive. This was my first novel, so I needed a lot of feedback. She pointed out things that had never even occurred to me, and she did so in a way that never made me feel stupid or incompetent. I hope to work with her again in the future.”

—Laura du Pre, The Valois Mistress 

“I've worked with a number of editors over the years and Constance is bar none the best! Her commitment to her clients' success, professionalism, and expertise is a formidable combination. I've worked with Constance on several editing projects including my book manuscript. I am so pleased with the final version. Not only is the copy clean, she made several content suggestions that improved the book's content. I highly recommend Constance to anyone looking for an editor.”

—Vanessa Chase Lockshin, The Storytelling Non-Profit

 “I was incredibly fortunate that Constance edited my novel GOLD RIVER. Her work was thorough and thoughtful, and she provided many great suggestions for improving the manuscript. I highly recommend her.”

—Beth Castrodale, Gold River 

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Constance. She reviewed for me my draft novel (lit fiction, about 80,000 words). Her ideas for my novel have invigorated my writing, improved my eye for character, plot, and story, and have helped the ‘lightbulb’ come on in so many ways. She really ‘gets it’ and has a great eye and feedback style. We talked about how to shape certain elements of the story in ways that were consistent with what I wanted to do, but that would help improve the story. In other words, the feedback was very positive, constructive, and left me feeling energized, hopeful, and pointed in the right direction. To boot, she's friendly and fun to work with.”

—Scott Smith, Bluebird 

“Constance is the real deal, plain and simple. I've had my share of dealings with editors who simply didn't care much and only worried about being paid. But with Constance, I was challenged to step up to the plate. She helped me improve my work and pushed me to be better. Working with an editor should be a collaborative effort to get the best possible outcome. And that's exactly what our time together was. I couldn't picture my project without her help and advice. It was such a pleasure.”

—Dade Deon Fairchild, filmmaker and author of Caviar 

“I can honestly say that Constance is by far the most knowledgeable and thorough editor I’ve ever worked with. I can't believe how many items Constance caught that other editors missed! 

Constance goes beyond flagging grammatical errors and alerting you to problems with tense, voice, and sentence structure. She also alerts you to problematic word choice that can confuse readers.

By the way, her comments are hilarious! I actually enjoyed having my errors pointed out! 

Having your manuscript checked by an editor with a lesser command of the English language can result in a bad review upon publication, and even one bad review can hurt sales. You don’t want that. Hire Constance!

—Phenice Arielle, Phoenix Rising: Destiny Calls revision 

“When editing my novel Hello Devilfish!—partially written in Manglish, an entirely made-up language—I’m sure Constance was faced with a quandary: how do you sift Jabberwocky with Strunk & White? She did, with a vorpal blade that never missed a partial ellipsis and never snicker-snacked the prose. Whether your milieu is Prada or dada, she’s the pen for your venue.”

—Ron Dakron, Hello Devilfish! 

“While at Skyhorse Publishing, Constance was the editor of my first novel, Sniper: A Thriller. She was a pleasure to work with and an invaluable resource both before and after the editorial process. I was so impressed with her that I made her being the editor of my second book, The Fisherman: A Thriller, a stipulation when I discussed the contract with my agent.”

 —Vaughn C. Hardacker, Sniper, The Fisherman, and Black Orchid