Where I've been published


“The Urg,” Winner, Porter House Review Prize for Fiction, February 2019.

“What the River Takes,” #SundayStory of Litro, August 2018.

“The Things That Change” in Volume #6 of Red Earth Review, July 2018. 

“The Lady of the House” in Issue #34 of Mud Season Review, November 2017. 

“The Edge of Happiness” in Songs of My Selfie: An Anthology of Millennial Stories, 978-1-941110-40-9, Three Rooms Press, April 2016. 

“How to Miss Your Hometown” in the May 2015 edition of Petrichor Machine

“The Edge of Happiness” in Issue #5 of the F&M Alumni Arts Review, April 2015.

“Manager’s Door” in Issue #7 of Cabildo QuarterlyFebruary 2015.  “Constance Renfrow's 'Manager's Door' is taut with tension and action; I’d love to read a novel with those characters.” —Razorcake

“The Chambers of the Cannibal Queen” in Magical: An Anthology of Fantasy, Fairy Tales, and Other Fiction for Adults, October 2014.

“Grenadine” in Issue #1 of Two Cities Review, March 2014.



"Bad Beginnings: Five Story Openers to Avoid" on DIY MFA, March 2017.

"The Eight Most Common Reasons I Send a Rejection" on DIY MFA, February 2017.

"How to Streamline Your Editing Experience" on DIY MFA, December 2016.

"What to Expect From An Editor" on DIY MFA, November 2016.

"Why You Should Give An Indie Press a Chance" on DIY MFA, September 2016.

"Ten Do's and Don'ts of Query Letters" on DIY MFA, July 2016.

"Publishing Industry Myths and Legends" on DIY MFA, May 2016.

"Read Millennial Writers" on Portland Book Review, April 2016.

"Millennial Writers on Writing" on Huffington Post, February 2016.

"On Place in 'The Edge of Happiness'" on Kellyannjacobson.com, February 2016.

"A Walk-through of the Publication Process" on DIY MFA, February 2016.

"Celebrating the Printed Word: Books as Collectibles" in Rapportage, January 2016.

Five Things I’ve Learned about Writing Competitions Now I’m Judging One” on DIY MFA, April 2015.

Discover: KGB Bar” on Bawrk.com, April 2015.

Discover: Fineline Tattoo (Parlor)” on Bawrk.com, April 2015.

“Literary Legacy: F&M’s Writers House” in the Franklin & Marshall Magazine, Winter 2015.

“Death Brought to Life at the Met” on LitroNY, December 2014.

#5OnFri: Five Victorian Novels” on DIY MFA, December 2014.

“What To Know Before You Submit Your Novel” parts one and two were published on DIY MFA, October 2014.

The 11 People You Meet Late-Night at Grand Central” on CityElla, July 2014.

Rainy Days at the Zoo” on CityElla, June 2014.

Rocky Horror Night: NYC Style” on CityElla, June 2014.

“Losing the “E”: The Experiment of Gadsby” in Rapportagevolume XV, Fall 2013.

“A Day in the Life of a Senior on Graduation Day” in the Franklin & Marshall Magazine, Summer 2012.

Review of The Great Typo Hunt in Rapportage, volume XIV, Fall 2011.

Review of Olive Kitteridge in Rapportage, volume XIII, Fall 2010.


"Because I'm Twenty-Five" in Issue #5 of Denim Skin, May 2016

“We Called Ourselves Poets” in the F&M Alumni Arts Review, April 2016. 

“Complete Traveler” in Issue #4 of Denim SkinJune 2015.

"I-5” in Restlessan e-zine by WildAge Press, February 2015.

“Division” in Issue #3 of Denim SkinJanuary 2015.

“In White at Two Forty-Three a.m.” in Issue #2 of Denim Skin, September 2014.

“Soldier’s Girl” in OF ZOOS magazine, November 2013.

“Aftermaths” in the F&M Alumni Arts Review, April 2013.


. . . Out the Beast, a one-act play about Tennyson, Darwinism, and Victorian babysitting, was a semi-finalist in the Drury University One-Act Play Competition.