Professional editing. Affordable rates. 

I would love to help you edit and polish your book for maximum readability. I offer a number of editorial services, listed below, and you can request any or all of them. Send me an email describing your project, and together we'll develop an editorial strategy that meets your needs. All edits will be made using the Microsoft Word Track Changes and Comments features, though upon request, I can provide pen and paper edits or PDFs. Rates are affordable and negotiable, and I am happy to work within your time frame. 

Developmental Editing

This is the first step of honing a manuscript for publication. Not every book needs a developmental edit, but if you’ve been struggling with your plot or you feel your work hasn’t gone the way you intended, I would recommend it. I will read through your book with an eye to plot, characterization, structure, and other pieces of the “big picture” (for instance, is the book told in third person when it really belongs in the first person?), and I will provide thoughts on how to turn what you have into what it wants to be. I will identify what’s working and what still needs to be pushed and will suggest strategies for accomplishing this. Rewriting will be required after a developmental edit.  

Content Editing

Once the plot and structure are set in place, I will read over your manuscript for issues with content: inconsistencies between chapters, mistaken “facts,” misplaced sentences, repetition, errors, etc. I will also look at the connections between chapters and will engage with the ideas presented. Some rewriting will be required. 

Copy Editing

When the storyline and content of your manuscript are finalized, I will read through to correct improper grammar, inelegant syntax, and excessive phrasing. I will suggest ways to strengthen voice and improve your writing style for a consistent and polished piece. 


The final stage in preparing a manuscript for print, I will review your book for typos, misspellings, consistency, and adherence to the Chicago Manual of Style (preferred in the book publishing industry). After your manuscript has been proofread, it will be ready for self-publishing or submitting. 

Beta Reading

I also offer beta reading, which in many ways is similar to the workshop experience. I will be another pair of eyes on your story, reading it as a reader would, and will provide my thoughts and feedback on strengths and weaknesses, what I took away from the story, things I wanted to know more about. I can review the entire story or individual chapters, and can answer targeted questions or look for specific issues as requested. 

Publishing Consulting

Trying to find a publisher or an agent for your book can be an intimidating prospect. I am and have been an acquiring editor at two publishing companies, and I can help you write your query letters, increase your marketability, and work with you to query publishers and agents.