Songs of My Selfie: An Anthology of Millennial Stories

Edited by Constance Renfrow

Songs of My Selfie: An Anthology of Millennial Stories celebrates the millennial through the works of up-and-coming fiction writers, all under the age of twenty-six. This collection features seventeen short stories by millennial writers about actual millennial issues, exposing this generation's true ambitions and frustrations, humor and heartbreak, despair and joie de vivre.

With fresh new voices and edgy prose, these compelling stories offer a cross-section of vibrant millennial characters: unemployed grads deep in debt, expectant mothers on the cusp of adulthood, online relationship addicts, and millennials at war with their families' expectations—even while stuck living at home. Here are the strong and the weak, the self-aware and those who reject reality—all carefully crafted to buck the common perception of the millennial. And yet, with a knowing wink, each story is accompanied by a selfie of its author.

Forget what the media says—Songs of My Selfie reveals what it really means to be twenty-something today.

Featuring stories by

Suzanne Herman, Stephanie Bramson, Mina Holmes, Jared Shaffer,
Theresa Buchta, Angus McLinn, Angela Sloan, Xingyue Sarah He, Joshua Tuttle,
Tyler Barton, Aaron Thorpe, Tiffany Ferentini, Tara Isabella Burton,
Katherine Sloan, Carolyn Drake, Ifra Asad, and Constance Renfrow


Praise for Songs of My Selfie:

“Songs of My Selfie gives us a tidy set of stories to reassure us that the twenty-something face is not so different from what it ever was. We will strive to identify ourselves strongly, whether awakening to our sexualities, our self-confidence, or our places in the world. We will struggle to understand what our identities mean as we balance making a living with making a difference. And we still, above all, tell love stories, whether lurid or anguished. . . . Turning from relationship to self-identity, the millennial stories in Songs of My Selfie remain rooted in American culture, but the collection offers a satisfying spectrum of backgrounds and experiences.” —Rain Taxi

“For once in your life, celebrate your millennial spirit and dive into the stories of your peers with Songs of My Selfie. From college grads in debt, to teen mothers, to Tinder addicts...they have it all. You can learn something from your fellow millennials and maybe even see yourself in some of them.” —Astral & Opal, “Books That Will Suck You in from Page 1”

“Doing for “bad Millennials” what Bad Feminist did for uncertain feminists, Songs of My Selfie celebrates the Millennial stereotypes — flaws and all . . . this story collection not only stands up for Millennials, it gives Millennials a place to stand up for themselves.”  —Bustle “10 Books that Celebrate the Millennial Spirit”

“Who better to write about millennials than millennials? This modern and hilariously refreshing anthology series is composed of stories by edgy new writers who completely capture the plight of millennials today [8 Mesmerizing Reads for Millennials]." —Buzzfeed

"Who can write about Millennials better than Millennials themselves? This collection of 17 short stories, all by writers under the age of 26, is a cross section of Millennial life, showcasing the best and the worst, the highs and the lows of the "selfie" generation."  —RedEye Chicago

"This anthology dispels the myths that millennials are a generation of self-absorbed, shiftless, shallow children. Instead, these 17 writers—all age 26 or younger—paints a new cohort of intelligent people dealing with very real problems unique to their challenging economic and social situations.” —San Francisco Book Review

“Songs of My Selfie is an enchanting, heartrending, and utterly relatable read for any and all millennials. This is a wonderful collection of stories from some of the brightest young writers today.” —Portland Book Review

“Reviewers Choice” pick —Midwest Book Review

1 of 3 “Notable: Millennial Lives” Books —Tampa Bay Times

"This collection is a testament to the life of the Millennial and the very real quarter-life crisis . . . The intent of this book is to rebuke the very image elicited from reading the title: Millennials are more than gloomy young men who sing depressing songs into their iPhones or vain young women who purse their lips to take the perfect Instagram photo.” —BookPage

“What I noticed was happening for me halfway through the book was that a pit had developed in my stomach. There was so much heartache. . . . I wanted to know: What happened? How did they get like this? What can I as a mother of a rising millennial do (in addition to helping him navigate away from student loans & Sally Mae)? . . . But that’s the sign of great story right? It makes you feel something, see things differently, want to change yourself and the circumstances for others.” —A Journaled Life

"Rather than trying to shake off the stereotypes thrust upon them by a dying generation, the authors of Song of My Selfie wear their flaws on their shoulders and dare you to mention them. . . . If you want a preview of some writers with brighter futures than the newspapers anticipate, well, here you go." —JF Sargent, editor,

"Bad news first: nothing makes you feel older than reading very good stories written by very young writers. At the same time, nothing is more exhilarating. The stories collected here are sharp, funny, and, dare I say it, wise. This is the book you want to read if you are curious about who'll be driving the truck in a few years." —Ethan Rutherford, author, The Peripatetic Coffin and Other Stories

"Songs of My Selfie alternates between snapshots of self-doubt, self-discovery, and self-determination. It's sweet and confident and deft and challenging." —Zac Hill, former lead game designer, Magic: The Gathering; Chief Innovation Officer, The Future Project

"For a generation of screen addicts, these millennials sure can write. Constance Renfrow and crew give me faith in the future." —Mickey Hess, author, The Nostalgia Echo

"Prophets of the End Times, just looking for a way forward." —Ben Loory, author, Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day

“Wry tales that yearn, squirm, and slam.” —Ron Dakron, author, Hello Devilfish!

“. . . the book fills an important gap in literature, not just as a short story collection about millennials, but as an anthology written by them—an anthology that conveys its themes of what editor Constance Renfrow calls “a common experience new to our generation: the quarter-life crisis” with a collective, resounding millennial sigh that any reader can identify with.” —


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