Books I Have Edited
(For Three Rooms Press & Skyhorse Publishing)


Quiver: A Novel, Julia Watts, October 2018, 978-1941110669, $15.95

Downdrift: An Eco Fiction, Johanna Drucker, April 2018, $15.95

Celestial Mechanics: A Tale for a Mid-Winter Night, William Least Heat-Moon, April 2017, 978-1941110560, $28.00 (Secondary editor)

The Greenfather: A NovelJohn S. Marshall, May 2017, 978-1941110515, $15.95 (Proofreader)

Exile on Bridge Street, Eamon Loingsigh, October 2016, 978-1941110423, $15.95

Crime Plus Music: Twenty Stories of Music-Themed Noir, Edited by Jim Fusilli, October 2016, 978-1941110454, $19.95 (Proofreader)

This Way to the End Times: Classic Tales of the Apocalypse, Edited by Robert Silverberg, October 2016, 978-1941110478 (Proofreader) 

Songs of My Selfie: An Anthology of Millennial Stories, Edited by Constance Renfrow, April 2016, 978-1941110409, $15.95

The Black Orchid: A Thriller, Vaughn C. Hardacker, March 2016, 978-1510705319, $16.99

Weird Girl and What's His Name: A Novel, Meagan Brothers, Three Rooms Press, October 2015, 978-1941110270, $16.95

Still Night in L.A.: A Detective Novel, Aram Saroyan, Three Rooms Press, October 2015, 978-1941110331, $15.95 (Proofreader)

Dark City Lights: New York Stories (Have A NYC series), Edited by Lawrence Block, Three Rooms Press, April 2015, 978-1941110218, $18.95 (Secondary editor)

Teatrophy: Three More Plays, Peter Carlaftes, Three Rooms Press, March 2015, 978-1941110133, $15.00 (Secondary editor)

Swing State: A Novel, Michael T. Fournier, Three Rooms Press, October 2014, 978-1941110089, $15.95

Hello Devilfish!: A Novel Ron Dakron, Three Rooms Press, October 2014, 978-0989512565, $15.95

The Fisherman: A Thriller, Vaughn C. Hardacker, Skyhorse Publishing, June 2015, 978-1632204790, $16.99

Arcana: A Novel, Jessica Leake, Skyhorse Publishing, November 2014, 978-1940456140, $24.99 (Co-editor with Nicole Frail)

Sniper: A Thriller, Vaughn C. Hardacker, Skyhorse Publishing, February 2014, 978-1626365575, $14.95

Warriors: A Novel, William B. McCloskey, Jr., Skyhorse Publishing, October 2013, 978-1626361072, $24.95



Punk Avenue: Inside the New York City Underground, 1972–1982Phil Marcade, May 2017, 978-1941110492, $15.95

Last Boat to Yokohama: The Life and Legacy of Beate Sirota Gordon, Nassrine Azimi and Michel Wasserman, Three Rooms Press, May 2015, 978-1941110188, $15.95 (Secondary editor)

My Watery Self: An Aquatic Memoir, Stephen Spotte, Three Rooms Press, March 2015, 978-1941110164, $15.95 (Secondary editor)

Raising Girls in Bohemia: Meditations of an American Father, Richard Katrovas, Three Rooms Press, October 2014, 978-1941110065, $15.95 (Secondary editor)

The Court Martial of Corporal Nutting: A Memoir of the Vietnam War, John Nutting, Skyhorse Publishing, November 2014, 978-1629144245, $24.95 

Dead Reckoning: Navigating a Life on the Last Frontier, Courting Tragedy on Its High Seas, Dave Atcheson, Skyhorse Publishing, July 2014, 978-1628736816, $24.95


Nonfiction/Diet & Exercise

Dolph Lundgren: Train Like an Action Hero: Be Fit Forever, Dolph Lundgren, Skyhorse Publishing, September 2014,978-1626360136, $24.95

Low Carb High Quality Diet: Food for a Thinner, Healthier Life,  Fredrik Paulun, Skyhorse Publishing, April 2014, 978-1628736472, $16.95

Low Carb High Quality Cookbook: Recipes to Help You Lose Weight and Stay in Shape, Fredrik Paulun, Skyhorse Publishing, April 2014, 978-1628736489, $17.95

50 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism: How Mustard, Red Wine, and Days at the Beach Can Help You Lose Weight & Stay Healthy, Fredrik Paulun, Skyhorse Publishing, September 2013, 978-1616084493, $16.95



Low Carb High Fat Bread: Gluten- and Sugar-Free Baguettes, Loaves, Crackers, and More, Mariann Andersson, Skyhorse Publishing, January 2015, 978-1629144108, $17.95

Morocco on a Plate: Breads, Entrees, and Desserts with Authentic Spice, Caroline Hofberg, Skyhorse Publishing, November 2014, 978-1629144146, $24.95

The Swedish Christmas Table: Traditional Holiday Meals, Side Dishes, Candies, and Drinks, Jens Linder and Johanna Westman, Skyhorse Publishing, November 2014, 978-1629144160, $24.95 (Co-editor with Amy Li)

Life Is a Banquet: A Food Lover’s Treasury of Recipes, History, Tradition, and Feasts, Edward Blöm, Skyhorse Publishing, November 2014, 978-1629147000, $24.95 (Co-editor with Amy Li)

French Bistro: Restaurant-Quality Recipes for Appetizers, Entrees, Desserts, and Drinks, Maria Zihammou, Skyhorse Publishing, October 2014, 978-1628736458, $17.95

Elegant Weddings: The Ceremony, the Reception, the Clothes, Edited by Jens Christiansen, Skyhorse Publishing, September 2014, 978-1629144214, $29.95

Substantial Salads: 100 Healthy and Hearty Main Courses for Every Season, Caroline Hofberg, Skyhorse Publishing, September 2014, 978-1629146591, $24.95

Modern Cocktails: Dozens of Cool and Classic Mixed Drinks to Make You the Life of the Party, Jimmy Dymott, Skyhorse Publishing, May 2014, 978-1628736427, $17.95

Tina Nordström's Scandinavian Cooking: Simple Recipes for Home-Style Scandinavian Cuisine, Tina Nordström, Skyhorse Publishing, April 2014, 978-1628736519, $29.95

Edible Mushrooms: Safe to Pick, Good to EatBarbro Forsberg and Stefan Lindberg, Skyhorse Publishing, March 2014, 978-1628736441, $16.95

Baking Sourdough Bread: Dozens of Recipes for Artisan Loaves, Crackers, and Sweet Breads, Goran Soderin and George Strachal, Skyhorse Publishing, January 2014, 978-1626363991, $14.97

The French Baker: Authentic Recipes for Traditional Breads, Desserts, and Dinners, Sebastien Boudet, Skyhorse Publishing, November 2013, 978-1620879993, $24.95

Low Carb High Fat Baking: Over 40 Gluten- and Sugar-Free Recipes for Pastries, Desserts, and Delicious Treats, Mariann Andersson, Skyhorse Publishing, November 2013, 978-1626360426, $17.95

Sausage: How to Make and Serve Delicious Homemade Chorizo, Bratwurst, Sobrasada, and More, Jesper Lindberg and Johan Akerberg, Skyhorse Publishing, November 2013, 978-1626360433, $24.95

The Party Food Bible: 565 Recipes for Amuse-Bouches, Flavorful Canapés, and Festive Finger Food, Lisa Eisenman Frisk and Monica Eisenman, November 2013, 978-1626360853, $29.95



Yarn, Yarn, Yarn: 50 Fun Crochet and Knitting Projects to Color Your World, Susanna Zacke and Sania Hedengren, Skyhorse Publishing, November 2014, 978-1629144153, $14.95

Modern Upcycling: A User-Friendly Guide to Inspiring and Repurposed Handicrafts for a Trendy Home, Susanna Zacke and Sania Hedengren, Skyhorse Publishing, November 2014, 978-1629144139, $19.95

Vintage Parties: A Guide to Throwing Themed Events from Gatsby Galas to Mad Men Martinis and Much More, Linda Hansson, Louise Lemming, and Emma Sundh, Skyhorse Publishing, May 2014, 978-1626361355, $17.95

Rustic Garden Projects: Step-by-Step Backyard Decor from Trellises to Tree Swings, Stone Steps to Stained Glass, Marianne Svärd Häggvik, Skyhorse Publishing, May 2014, 978-1628736496, $24.95

Concrete Crafts: Simple Projects from Jewelry to Place Settings, Birdbaths to Umbrella Stands, Susanna Zacke and Sania Hedengren, Skyhorse Publishing, February 2014, 978-1626365445, $14.95

Fun with Yarn and Fabric: More Than 50 Easy and Fun Projects to Sew, Crochet, and Embroider, Susanna Zacke and Sania Hedengren, Skyhorse Publishing, November 2013, 978-1626360228, $14.95

Warm Mittens and Socks: Dozens of Playful Patterns and Skillful Stitches to Knit, Crochet, and Embroider, Eva Trotzig, Skyhorse Publishing, November 2013, 978-1626361065, $14.95

Vintage Crafts: 75 Do-It-Yourself Decorating Projects Using Candles, Colors, and Other Flea Market Finds, Clara Lidström, Skyhorse Publishing, October 2013, 978-1626361034, $17.95



The Perfect Stride: A Runner's Guide to Healthier Technique, Performance, and SpeedThomas Reckmann, Skyhorse Publishing, June 2014, 978-1626360860, $19.95

Whitetail Savvy: New Research and Observations about America's Most Popular Big Game Animal, Leonard Lee Rue III, September 2013, 978-1620876480, $29.95 (Co-editor with Jay Cassell)

What the Dogs Taught Me: Observations and Suggestions That Will Make You a Better Hunter, Shooter, and Dog Owner, Scott Linden, Skyhorse Publishing, June 2013, 978-1620876466, $22.95 (Co-editor with Jay Cassell; Illustrator)

A Guide's Guide to Fly Fishing Mistakes: Common Problems and How to Correct Them, Sara Low, Skyhorse Publishing, June 2013, 978-1620875988, $19.95 (Co-editor with Jay Cassell)



Older and Happier!: Inspiring, Amusing, and Useful Advice for Men of a Certain Age, Dag Sebastian Ahlander, Skyhorse Publishing, May 2014, 978-1628736465, $17.95

Older and Wiser!: Inspiration and Advice for Retiring Baby Boomers, Dag Sebastian Ahlander, Skyhorse Publishing, October 2014, 978-1629144177, $17.95



The Techno-Human Shell: A Jump in the Evolutionary Gap, Joseph Carvalko, Sunbury Press, January 2013, 978-1620061657, $16.95

The Science and Technology Guidebook for Lawyers, Joseph Carvalko, American Bar Association, June 2015, 978-1627226721, $99.95



Behind the Steel: One Life--Five Epochs, Joe Carvalko, Anaphora Literary Press, December 2014, 978-1681140056, $15.00

Sign Language: A Painter's Notebook, John S. Paul, Three Rooms Press, November 2014, 978-1941110041, $15.95 (Secondary editor)

This Is Belgian Chocolate: Manifestations of Poetry, Philip Meersman, November 2014, 978-1941110010, $15.95 (Proofreader) 

Heaven and Other Poems, Israel Horovitz, Three Rooms Press, October 2014, 978-1941110119, $15.95 (Proofreader)