SONGS OF MY SELFIE Reviewed on A Journaled Life

SONGS OF MY SELFIE received a stunning review on the blog A Journaled Life. This is our first review by a non-millennial reader, and it's so rewarding to see Regina's perspective and insight into our stories.

Regina writes:

What I noticed was happening for me halfway through the book was that a pit had developed in my stomach. There was so much heartache. . . . I wanted to know: What happened? How did they get like this? What can I as a mother of a rising millennial do (in addition to helping him navigate away from student loans & Sally Mae)? . . . But that’s the sign of great story right? It makes you feel something, see things differently, want to change yourself and the circumstances for others.

On a more personal note, reading this review was my "I've done it. I'm a writer now" moment. My work, and the works of these sixteen talented contributors, changed someone else's understanding and made someone care. That's the reason we do this, right? That's always been the dream, though it so often felt unattainable. I'm very proud to share this review with you, and I'm so proud of the writers in Songs of My Selfie. 

 Check out the full review on A Journaled Life.  

And don't forget, Songs of My Selfie is still available for preorder on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, or from your local bookstore. 

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