Exile on Bridge Street Reviewed on Publisher's Weekly!

The new year is off to a wonderful start with Eamon Loingsigh's Exile on Bridge Street (Three Rooms Press, October 2016) reviewed by Publishers Weekly! Check out the review here, and don't forget to pick up your copy of this gripping, high-stakes novel! 


Celebrating Exile on Bridge Street!

Enjoying my copy of  Exile on Bridge Street  at the 3RP office!

Enjoying my copy of Exile on Bridge Street at the 3RP office!

Enter to win a copy of Eamon Loingsigh's excellent historical fiction novel Exile on Bridge Street (and my latest book baby from Three Rooms Press)! 

Exile on Bridge Street details teenage Irish immigrant Liam Garrity's struggle to adulthood in pre-Prohibition Brooklyn. Back home, Ireland's fight for its own independence erupts with the 1916 Easter Rising. The fate of Garrity's father, an Irish rebel, is unknown, which leaves his mother and two sisters vulnerable on the family farm as British troops swarm, seeking reprisals. Garrity must organize their departure to New York immediately. In Brooklyn, Garrity is adopted by Dinny Meehan, leader of a longshoremen gang based in an "Irishtown" saloon under the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges. Meehan vows to help Garrity and his family. But just as Ireland struggles for independence, Garrity faces great obstacles in his own coming of age on the violent Brooklyn waterfront. World War I, the Spanish Influenza, the temperance movement, the rise of Italian organized crime, police, unions and shipping and dock companies all target the Brooklyn Irish gang and threaten Garrity's chances at bringing his family to New York. When "Wild Bill" Lovett, one of the gang's dockbosses vies to take over, both Meehan and Garrity face a fight for survival in New York City's brawling streets mirroring Ireland's own fledgling independence movement.  

“Beautiful, passionate prose.” —Washington Independent Review of Books
“Exile on Bridge Street should be required reading for those who rail about how today’s immigrants ‘refuse to assimilate.’” —The Brooklyn Rail
“Not only a chronicle of a people, but also the story of one lonesome immigrant, struggling to survive in a frightening land.” —Litkicks
“On the surface, Loingsigh’s book mines Brooklyn’s gory and glorious Irish past. But it is also the quintessential read for 21st century Brooklyn.” —Irish Central

Enter the giveaway here! Already read Exile on Bridge Street? Leave a review on Goodreads and Amazon



12/2 Prose! Poetry! Party! - Reading at Cornelia Street Cafe

(Kat Georges Design)

(Kat Georges Design)

On Friday, December 2, I'll be reading with the Three Rooms Press family as part of our annual holiday Prose! Poetry! Party! If you've never attended a 3RP event before, this is the best event of the year! The party will include readings by incredible 3RP authors, giveaways of the best books, drinks, discussions, and more. Come meet the press and celebrate the end of 2016!  

For more information, visit our event page here.

10/26 SONGS OF MY SELFIE at Manhattanville College

(Kat Georges Design)

(Kat Georges Design)

Join SONGS OF MY SELFIE at Manhattanville College for a reading and Q&A and celebration of millennial pride! Featuring Manhattanville alum Tiffany Ferentini, editor Constance Renfrow, and SOMS contributors Angus McLinn, Carolyn Drake, and Aaron Thorpe. Copies of SONGS OF MY SELFIE will be available for purchase and signing. RSVP on our Facebook event page or for information, check out the Manhattanville website

Wednesday October 27
7 to 9 p.m,
Manhattanville College Library
News and Events Room
Purchase, NY 10577

Hosted by the Undergraduate Writing Program, Graffiti Magazine, and Three Rooms Press.

With fresh new voices and edgy prose, seventeen stories by millennial writers offer a cross-section of vibrant young characters: unemployed grads deep in debt, expectant mothers on the cusp of adulthood, online relationship addicts, and twenty-somethings at war with their families’ expectations. Here are the strong and the weak, the self-aware and those who reject reality—all carefully crafted to buck the common perception of this generation.

“For once in your life, celebrate your millennial spirit and dive into the stories of your peers with Songs of My Selfie. From college grads in debt, to teen mothers, to Tinder addicts...they have it all. You can learn something from your fellow millennials and maybe even see yourself in some of them.” —Astral & Opal

“Doing for “bad Millennials” what Bad Feminist did for uncertain feminists, Songs of My Selfie celebrates the Millennial stereotypes — flaws and all . . . this story collection not only stands up for Millennials, it gives Millennials a place to stand up for themselves.” —Bustle

"Who better to write about millennials than millennials? This modern and hilariously refreshing anthology series is composed of stories by edgy new writers who completely capture the plight of millennials today." —Buzzfeed


Ghost Tours, Seances, and Funeral Reenactments at the Merchant's House Museum

Photo by Hal Hirshorn.

Photo by Hal Hirshorn.

The Merchant's House, where I am a volunteer, continues its annual tradition of exhibiting nineteenth-century mourning customs, as well as celebrating the ghosts that make it "Manhattan's most haunted house," according to the New York Times. 

In addition to the mourning exhibition that runs through the end of October, there will be ghost tours, a lecture on paranormal investigation, a seance, and a funeral reenactment. During this last event, I will be reprising my role as Gertrude Tredwell, the youngest Tredwell daughter.

For more information and for tickets, please visit the Merchant's House website. Also, check out Scott Stiffler's "At Merchant’s House, the dead are still touring" featured in the Villager this week!