Tremendous Review of SONGS OF MY SELFIE in Portland Book Review!

Debuting our final cover, with a blurb from editor JF Sargent!

Debuting our final cover, with a blurb from editor JF Sargent!

Portland Book Review has incredible things to say about Songs of My Selfie: An Anthology of Millennial Stories (Three Rooms Press, April 2016)! I am absolutely thrilled that they chose this book for review and so honored by what they say. In my favorite snippet of this overwhelmingly positive review, their millennial-aged reviewer Julia Gaskill writes:

Look, as a millennial myself, I realize how biased I might come off as in writing this review. But these voices? In all of these stories and essays? They are important. So important. They speak to all the problems my friends and myself have faced in our lives, as well as the joys we’ve encountered. It is no understatement when I, a twenty-five year old woman, state that this collection of essays written by fellow millennials needs to have all eyes on it – especially for those who spend far too much time hating on my generation. There is more to millennials than what is seen upon first glance; we are more than vanity and smartphones.

I hope you will read the full review; to do so, click here. And don't forget, Songs of My Selfie is still available for preorder on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, or from your local bookstore. Plus, for the next few days, it's on sale! 

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