Guest Post: "On Place" Series

Head over to poet, editor, and YA author Kelly Ann Jacobson's blog to read my guest post for her "On Place" series. I talk about using New York as the setting for my short story "The Edge of Happiness," featured in my forthcoming anthology Songs of My Selfie

An excerpt:

It’s about being young and disillusioned, and more accurately still, it’s about being young and disillusioned in New York City. I won’t say this story couldn’t take place anywhere else—in any other city in the world—but New York is known as a haven for the young and the creative and those who are lost, looking to be found. It is a home to transplants, and I rely on my reader knowing the mythos of NYC in order to fully understand the narrator’s ambitions—to make it as an artist in the big city—and thus her great anguish: to realize art comes not from place but from within.

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