Millennial Writers on Writing on HUFFINGTON POST

Head over to Huffington Post Books to check out my article "Millennial Writers on Writing"! This piece features Songs of My Selfie contributors as they respond to the question: "Why do you write?" Highlighted writers include: Ifra Asad, Tyler Barton, Aaron Thorpe, Tiffany Ferentini, and Xingyue Sarah He.

It begins:

We rarely hear about writers at the start of their journeys -- the ones just beginning to strive publicly, instead of in the quiet confines of their mind. And so, in the spirit of moving forward, of looking to the future of literacy and literature, I asked the young, millennial-aged storytellers included in the forthcoming Songs of My Selfie: An Anthology of Millennial Stories (Three Rooms Press, April 2016) to share their views on writing--to put into words just why they write. Here's what they have to say

Click here to read the article on Huffington Post. And for more millennial responses, check out the full piece on Three Rooms Press. Don't forget to preorder your copy of Songs of My Selfie and #ReadMillennialWriters. 

Citizen Lit Spotlights SONGS OF MY SELFIE

Calling all literatis and book lovers: Head over to Citizen Lit Podcast to hear a sampling of Songs of My Selfie! Hosted by Wilkes University's Jim Warner, this weekly literary and arts podcast has chosen to spotlight Songs of My Selfie, my millennial anthology. Over the course of the next few episodes, Citizen Lit will feature select contributors reading from their stories.

First up is Mina Holmes, reading from "Small Bump" (18:00), alongside an interview with the publishers at Two Dollar Radio:

And today's episode features Tyler Barton, reading from "10 Things I Learned Since College" (19:00):

Check back next Monday for more readings from the Songs of My Selfie team!