Now on DIY MFA: Part 2 of the Book Publication Process

Continuing in my role as regular columnist for DIY MFA, I've written Part 2 of "A Walk-Through of the Book Publication Process." And even better, it's now up for you to read on the DIY MFA website. If you're thinking about writing a novel or submitting to agents/editors, give it a read. I try to dispel some common misconceptions and give you a real sense of what it will take to turn your manuscript into a proper, published book.

Read the full article here. Got any questions about the process? Send me a message or leave a comment below and I would be glad to answer!

Take a look behind the curtain at DIY MFA

I'm thrilled to announce that I have joined the DIY MFA crew as a regular columnist! DIY MFA offers advice on writing, reading, community-building, and more. They feature writing prompts, podcasts, and soon there will be a DIY MFA book. 

I'll be writing each month about book publishing, editing, and other aspects of the industry. If you have a book you're considering pitching, or want to learn what it's like on the other side of the writing process, check back for new posts from me and from the rest of the DIY MFA team. 

My first column, "A Walk-through of the Book Publishing Process (part 1)" is up now. Here's a clip from the intro. 

Writers everywhere dream of getting their novels published, but I would wager that when you picture that most anticipated of events, you imagine getting that congratulatory email from your agent/editor and then fast-forward to the black tie launch party a la Richard Castle. The truth is even after the contract is signed, your work as author isn’t quite done yet. In the editorial department alone there are a number of steps between acquisition and publication, and unfortunately, almost all of them require something for the author to do. So let me take you through the process that turns a manuscript into a beautiful, shiny (or matte) new book.

Read the full article here, and if you find it helpful, leave a comment or share on Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy!