Tremendous Review of SONGS OF MY SELFIE in Portland Book Review!

Debuting our final cover, with a blurb from editor JF Sargent!

Debuting our final cover, with a blurb from editor JF Sargent!

Portland Book Review has incredible things to say about Songs of My Selfie: An Anthology of Millennial Stories (Three Rooms Press, April 2016)! I am absolutely thrilled that they chose this book for review and so honored by what they say. In my favorite snippet of this overwhelmingly positive review, their millennial-aged reviewer Julia Gaskill writes:

Look, as a millennial myself, I realize how biased I might come off as in writing this review. But these voices? In all of these stories and essays? They are important. So important. They speak to all the problems my friends and myself have faced in our lives, as well as the joys we’ve encountered. It is no understatement when I, a twenty-five year old woman, state that this collection of essays written by fellow millennials needs to have all eyes on it – especially for those who spend far too much time hating on my generation. There is more to millennials than what is seen upon first glance; we are more than vanity and smartphones.

I hope you will read the full review; to do so, click here. And don't forget, Songs of My Selfie is still available for preorder on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, or from your local bookstore. Plus, for the next few days, it's on sale! 

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Millennial Writers on Writing on HUFFINGTON POST

Head over to Huffington Post Books to check out my article "Millennial Writers on Writing"! This piece features Songs of My Selfie contributors as they respond to the question: "Why do you write?" Highlighted writers include: Ifra Asad, Tyler Barton, Aaron Thorpe, Tiffany Ferentini, and Xingyue Sarah He.

It begins:

We rarely hear about writers at the start of their journeys -- the ones just beginning to strive publicly, instead of in the quiet confines of their mind. And so, in the spirit of moving forward, of looking to the future of literacy and literature, I asked the young, millennial-aged storytellers included in the forthcoming Songs of My Selfie: An Anthology of Millennial Stories (Three Rooms Press, April 2016) to share their views on writing--to put into words just why they write. Here's what they have to say

Click here to read the article on Huffington Post. And for more millennial responses, check out the full piece on Three Rooms Press. Don't forget to preorder your copy of Songs of My Selfie and #ReadMillennialWriters. 

Citizen Lit Spotlights SONGS OF MY SELFIE

Calling all literatis and book lovers: Head over to Citizen Lit Podcast to hear a sampling of Songs of My Selfie! Hosted by Wilkes University's Jim Warner, this weekly literary and arts podcast has chosen to spotlight Songs of My Selfie, my millennial anthology. Over the course of the next few episodes, Citizen Lit will feature select contributors reading from their stories.

First up is Mina Holmes, reading from "Small Bump" (18:00), alongside an interview with the publishers at Two Dollar Radio:

And today's episode features Tyler Barton, reading from "10 Things I Learned Since College" (19:00):

Check back next Monday for more readings from the Songs of My Selfie team! 

Enter to Win A FREE Advance Copy of SONGS OF MY SELFIE!

You too could have a shiny new copy of SONGS OF MY SELFIE. 

You too could have a shiny new copy of SONGS OF MY SELFIE. 

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Songs of My Selfie: An Anthology of Millennial Stories is hailed as:

The book you want to read if you are curious about who'll be driving the truck in a few years.  —Ethan Rutherford, The Peripatetic Coffin and Other Stories

Even has something deliciously snarky to say:

 If you want a preview of some writers with brighter futures than the newspapers anticipate, well, here you go. —JF Sargent, Editor,

Enter to win your copy today, and be among the first to discover the freshest voices of the new generation!  Already won a copy? Rate it and review on GoodReads. Help us reach our goal of being among the top books of April 2016!

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Our First Songs of My Selfie Gathering

In December, contributor and first place winner of the Quarter-Life Crisis contest, Angus McLinn ("Baby Teeth") and I ("The Edge of Happiness") read from our short stories at 3RP's Prose! Poetry! Party! at Cornelia Street Cafe. Guest judge Meagan Brothers was also a featured reader, sharing a short prequel to Weird Girl and What's His Name!

Afterward, I met contributors Jared Shaffer ("Use Without Pity") and Carolyn Drake ("Pill Pusher") and we spent half the night talking books, literature, and of course, Victorian literature. I'm so excited for this little family of writers and collaborators!

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