My authors and clients have said . . . 

“Constance Renfrow is a hands-on editor in the best sense of the term. She really dove into my manuscript and helped me pinpoint and shore up the scenes that needed clarity. Every step of the way, I felt like Constance wanted just as much as I did to make my book the very best it could be without sacrificing the essence of the story. I only hope I have the opportunity to work with her again someday!”

—Meagan Brothers, Weird Girl and What’s His Name

“It's easy to develop tunnel vision when working on a writing project. Rare is the editor who can not only see a project through the writer's eyes, but also through the reader's. Constance has this ability—my work improved so much thanks to her keen and insightful eye. She's hot shit.”

—Michael T. Fournier, Swing State

“I'm so happy I got the opportunity to collaborate with Constance. She was flexible regarding deadlines and finances, and her editorial letter and extensive notes were invaluable to me as a writer. I walked away feeling encouraged, yet challenged to become a better storyteller in the most positive way imaginable. Do not sleep on working with this amazing editor! Constance is worth EVERY PENNY!”

—Beck Medina, All the Stars on Fire (via Reedsy)

“I've worked with a number of editors over the years and Constance is bar none the best! Her commitment to her clients' success, professionalism, and expertise is a formidable combination. I've worked with Constance on several editing projects including my book manuscript. I am so pleased with the final version. Not only is the copy clean, she made several content suggestions that improved the book's content. I highly recommend Constance to anyone looking for an editor.”

—Vanessa Chase Lockshin, The Storytelling Non-Profit 

“I was incredibly fortunate that Constance edited my novel GOLD RIVER. Her work was thorough and thoughtful, and she provided many great suggestions for improving the manuscript. I highly recommend her.”

—Beth Castrodale, Gold River (via Reedsy)

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Constance. She reviewed for me my draft novel (lit fiction, about 80,000 words). Her ideas for my novel have invigorated my writing, improved my eye for character, plot, and story, and have helped the ‘lightbulb’ come on in so many ways. She really ‘gets it’ and has a great eye and feedback style. We talked about how to shape certain elements of the story in ways that were consistent with what I wanted to do, but that would help improve the story. In other words, the feedback was very positive, constructive, and left me feeling energized, hopeful, and pointed in the right direction. To boot, she's friendly and fun to work with.”

—Scott Smith, Bluebird (via Reedsy)

“Constance is the real deal, plain and simple. I've had my share of dealings with editors who simply didn't care much and only worried about being paid. But with Constance, I was challenged to step up to the plate. She helped me improve my work and pushed me to be better. Working with an editor should be a collaborative effort to get the best possible outcome. And that's exactly what our time together was. I couldn't picture my project without her help and advice. It was such a pleasure.”

—Dade Deon Fairchild, filmmaker and author of Caviar 

“Ms. Renfrow was an extremely lovely lady to work with. She gave me my work back in a timely manner and it wasn’t too costly overall. She also was very open to communication and was quick to reply to me with feedback. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.”

—Christian Farrior, Shadow Lord: Rising (via Reedsy)

“I've known Constance first as a writer and second as an editor. It was Constance who shook me out of my writer's ennui and forced a routine on me, who made sure I kept writing, who was always there to comment, support, encourage, and foster a community. My style has bounced off of hers and helped me evolve, and even though I've moved away from America, I haven't felt any sort of loss—I've got the weekly check-ins reminding me to keep going. And thank God for that!”

Ifra Asad, “The Ostrich Effect,” Songs of My Selfie

“I can honestly say that Constance is by far the most knowledgeable and thorough editor I’ve ever worked with. I can't believe how many items Constance caught that other editors missed! 

Constance goes beyond flagging grammatical errors and alerting you to problems with tense, voice, and sentence structure. She also alerts you to problematic word choice that can confuse readers.

By the way, her comments are hilarious! I actually enjoyed having my errors pointed out! 

Having your manuscript checked by an editor with a lesser command of the English language can result in a bad review upon publication, and even one bad review can hurt sales. You don’t want that. Hire Constance!

—Phenice Arielle, Phoenix Rising: Destiny Calls 

“Thank you so much for all the help, guidance, and in-depth feedback you have provided me with throughout this revision process; I can't begin to express how valuable I have found your comments and critiques. Sometimes we know that a story is lacking or weak in certain aspects, but it takes having a second eye look at our work to better explain and help put into words what it is exactly that needs to be fixed, and that is exactly what your feedback has helped me with in this piece.”

—Tiffany Ferentini, “Glitter and Glue,” Songs of My Selfie

“When editing my novel Hello Devilfish!—partially written in Manglish, an entirely made-up language—I’m sure Constance was faced with a quandary: how do you sift Jabberwocky with Strunk & White? She did, with a vorpal blade that never missed a partial ellipsis and never snicker-snacked the prose. Whether your milieu is Prada or dada, she’s the pen for your venue.”

—Ron Dakron, Hello Devilfish! 

“Constance is very thorough and painstaking. She's clearly a professional editor with no apologies for wielding the red ink—her only criteria being strict adherence to the demands of the trade. I was impressed at the many gaffes I made that she uncovered. Shall definitely rehire.”

—Frank Okolo, One Thousand Days in the Sun and The Contractor

“As a first time children's book writer, the feedback and suggestions given by Constance have been invaluable. She is extremely thorough in her editing and gives detailed comments, which have greatly improved my learning as a novice. Moreover, Constance is extremely helpful and has given me useful insights into the publishing market.”

—Farah Shaikh Ali, The Twinnies children’s book series

“Constance Renfrow tackled my manuscript and found the errors I couldn't see, resulting in a much more professional and polished piece of writing. Her rates were reasonable, and the turnaround was speedy. I would recommend her to anyone.”

—Steve Lohse, What We Burned and Why

“The editing process with Constance Renfrow was highly professional, artful, and collegial, with a turnaround time that can only be described as astonishing. I now have a finished manuscript, with a plethora of valid suggestions, that is most certainly fit to print.”

—Giorgio Maddalena, The Last Great Neighborhood

“While at Skyhorse Publishing, Constance was the editor of my first novel, Sniper: A Thriller. She was a pleasure to work with and an invaluable resource both before and after the editorial process. I was so impressed with her that I made her being the editor of my second book, The Fisherman: A Thriller, a stipulation when I discussed the contract with my agent.”

 —Vaughn C. Hardacker, Sniper and The Fisherman

“Constance's work was great. Her time frame offered was quite short anyway, but she still beat it, and provided exactly the feedback I needed. The work was on point and well reasoned, and she got back with my questions promptly. Exactly what I was looking for and I am sure we will work together again.”

—Tony Stewart, Jacaranda Drive Publishing and author of the Miami Jones series

“I was searching for an editor to help me with my book, and my daughter suggested that I contact Constance. At the time, I had several concerns about the content of the book in its draft form, and being a novice, I also had concerns about the overall editorial process. It was my first serious attempt as an author.

Constance made the editorial process efficient and effective. At the beginning of the project, she took the time to listen to my objectives and concerns and asked good questions that led to a plan with specific ‘deliverables.’

She returned the document on schedule, with a combination of helpful and creative suggestions to improve the story, as well as improvements in language and grammar. She also suggested I consider several other styles of writing and gave examples of published books. All very helpful!

The first draft of my second book is now completed, and for sure, I will be working again with Constance. I highly recommend using Constance as an editor for your next project!”

—Tom Glover, The Letter Box and The Forger Farmer

“I am very happy to have chosen and worked with Constance. She is a master in her field and was able to work with my budget, supply the finished product in a timely fashion, and exceed my expectations. Accept her bids with full confidence that she will return exemplary work.”

—Greg G. (via Elance)

“She is skilled, proficient, knowledgeable, accurate, on time, and insightful—highly professional.”

—Joseph Carvalko, author of We Were Beautiful Once, The Techno-Human Shell, The Science and Technology Guidebook for Lawyers, Behind the Steel