Happy Holidays, and a Last-Minute Holiday Gift Idea!


I've spent the month of December deep in a well of writing, editing, and, most stressfully, moving to Brooklyn! And suddenly I've looked up from installing curtains in between dev. edits, to realize that the holidays are not, in fact, several weeks away, but this weekend. If you're like me, you may have forgotten to get gifts for your loved ones, and in that case, might I humbly suggest a copy of SONGS OF MY SELFIE for your favorite millennial? Show your young family members and friends that they are understood and appreciated through the book about which Buzzfeed raves:

“Who better to write about millennials than millennials? This modern and hilariously refreshing anthology series is composed of stories by edgy new writers who completely capture the plight of millennials today [8 Mesmerizing Reads for Millennials]." 

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your favorite local bookstore! Also check out Three Rooms Press's holiday gift guide for the book lovers in your life

Shameless shilling aside, happy holidays, all! Wishing you a phenomenal New Year!